If you thought that 700bhp tuned Mustang we showed you last week was a bit, well... un-muscular, here's the new Super Snake from longtime Ford tuners Shelby.

Based on the Mustang GT500, the Super Snake puts out 725bhp from a supercharged version of Ford's 5.4-litre V8, and it looks properly mean: check out those rear quarter window scoops - no idea where they're drawing air into, but don't let that sort of thing worry you - the huge bonnet scoop and the carbon fibre splitter.

It's not just visual tweakery, however: the Super Snake gets Ford Racing suspension with adjustable dampers and stiffer springs, and huge 20-inch wheels supporting sticky Pirelli tyres.

It'll cost our lucky American cousins around $34,000, plus a donor GT500. If 725bhp sounds a bit meaty for you, Shelby also offers a range of more modest upgrades for the more modest Mustangs in the range. ...Read More >>>