Prior to Easter, I was looking forward to attending the Mustang Nationals at Perth which I was not disappointed. My main points for travelling to the Mustang Nationals were to support the National Mustang Club, John Luca's Shelby Display, the West Australian Mustang Club and spending time with all the mustangers.

On all four days there at the event, the weather was sunny, warm which resulted in a great display of over 200+ Mustangs on Sunday. Leading up to show day on Sunday, I attended the b-b-q and dinner on Friday and Saturday which was attended by Mustang Members from all over Australia.

On Saturday morning, I attended the Mustang Judging at the NuFord Dealership where there were hoists available for the judges to inspect all the under bodies of all mustangs for the original, thoroughbred and modified classes.

Sunday came around so quick for the show; the weather was great, sunny and 30 degrees. Upon entry, I noticed the Shelby display that John Luca (W.A. State Shelby Rep.) organised and all the beautiful Mustangs lined up in rows. There were over 200+ Mustangs and about 15+ Shelby’s which looked fantastic.

Before arriving to the Mustang Nationals, there were 94 Shelby’s on the Australian Shelby Registry and now with John Luca's efforts with my assistance, there are 107 Shelby’s, thank you to John and the Shelby owners for their support. At the end of the show, Brian McDonough asked me to drive one of his Mustangs back to the motel which just happened to be a 2012 Shelby GT-500 650H.P. 6 Speed, I didn't hesitate one second to say yes!  All I can say is that what an awesome drive back to the motel.

Sunday night was the presentation dinner and all the awards were presented. Ian Collins and I were given an opportunity to promote next year's Mustang/Shelby Nationals and the Shelby Movement in Australia, respectively. 

All in all, the 2013 Mustang Nationals was organised in a professional manner and congratulations must go the West Australian Mustang Club for all their great organising skills and also to John Luca's Shelby Display, well done to all involved and now I’m looking forward to the 2014 Mustang/Shelby Nationals in Geelong over the Easter break.

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