At the recent A.O.M.C. American Motoring show on the 1st. May due to the inclement weather, the attendance of vehicles were low in numbers. Again, at this year's event i was invited to organise a Shelby display by the director of the show, Iain Ross. There, were 18 Shelbys on paper attending this event but due to the unpredictable weather, 6 Shelbys were displayed which was appreciated. The Victorian Mustang Club also featured a display which were down in numbers as well but in saying that, the Vic. Mustang Club won the title of the best car club display on the day which was a great effort, well done to all involved. Thanks to all of the Shelby Owners who displayed their vehicles on the day, Victorian Mustang Club, S.A.A.C.  Mustang Motorsport and Iain Ross who invited us to the event. Looking foward to next year's event on a rain free day...

Nez Demaj
Australian Shelby Registrar.
Victorian Shelby Representative.
Victorian Mustang Member.

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