As an Motorclassica Advisory Board Member and the Australian Shelby Registrar, i ceased the opportunity to organise an eight car Shelby Display when asked by the director at the most prestigious indoor automobile car display in Australia named Motorclassica Concours D'elegance. This indoor vehicle display is organised annually and is consisted of pre-war and post war vehicles, vintage and vetren motorbikes and classic vehicles organised in a heritage listed building in Melbourne. So, when i was asked to assemble eight fine examples of Shelbys within the country it wasn't too difficult as i knew the quality of Shelbys and their owners within the Australian Shelby Registry. The Shelbys which i selected were Joe Calleja's '65 Shelby GT-350, Jim Janikis's '65 Shelby GT-350 (Race car). Darryll Ashby's (Qld Shelby Rep.) Black '66 Shelby GT-350, Ross Pino's White/Gold Stripe '66 Shelby Hertz GT-350, Nez Demaj's (Australian Shelby Registrar) Green '67 Shelby GT-500, Fred Pascale's (S.A. Shelby Rep.) Blue '68 Shelby GT-500 KR, Vince Cutri's Royal Maroon '69 Shelby GT-350 and Craig Dean's Red 2015 Prototype Shelby GT. Over the weekend, i had the opportunity to present a Shelby promotional speeches on the centre stage with my State Shelby Reps to promote the Shelby Movement in Australia, Australian Shelby Registry and S.A.A.C. which drew quite abit of interest within the audience attending this event. Fred Pascale with his Blue '68 Shelby GT-500KR received top honours in the Shelby Judged Classes. Overall, it was a great display of Shelbys within this beautiful heritage building. Thanks to Motorclassica for the opportunity to display the Shelbys, Australian State Shelby Representatives, John Luca (W.A.) Fred Pascale (S.A.) Darryll Ashby (Qld) Brian Mc.Allister (N.SW.) Shelby Owners who presented their vehicles, S.A.A.C. and the Australian Mustang Club for their support.   

Nez Demaj
Australian Shelby Registrar.
Victorian Shelby Representative

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