A beautiful day greeted us at the Adelaide Mustang Nationals on Sunday 4th April. As early as 8am, there were over 150 Mustangs and 6 Shelbys on display which was a great start to a fantastic day. Craig and Robyn Dean from Mustang Motorsport were there nice and early as well displaying their Shelbys and their recently converted Mustangs which looked great next the Shelby Display. On the grassed area, there was a great variety of Mustangs from the early years to the later and sleeker styled Bosses, Shelbys and Saleens. They, all looked great in different colours and their unique styling especially on a perfect day for all to enjoy. Overall, there were 10 Shelbys and over 200+ Mustangs on display. It's a credit to the owners and the South Australian Mustang Owners Club and their committee. Thanks to Fred Pascale for his Shelby organising efforts and also to the other State Shelby Reps who attended and assisted on the day. Also, thanks to Craig and Robyn Dean from Mustang Motorsport for their ongoing support at the Mustang Nationals, looking foward to Queensland next year.

Nez Demaj
Australian Shelby Registrar.

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