I was asked by Richard from the Sandown Historics to organise another Shelby Display for this year's event. I had assembled 5 Shelbys which was the requirement for the display. The Shelby Display was in a prime position in the concour area in front of the Grandstand facing he track. Also, attending the Historics were the Shelby Boys from N.S.W. which saw their original Shelbys running around the track in style. I caught up with Ernie and Elaine Nagamatsu from America which i had met recently at the Australian Grand Prix earlier this year. Ernie was racing his Factory Original AC Cobra which has a huge racing history. Ernie's Cobra was on display recently at Motorclassica so this Cobra is not only a show car but likes to hit the track whenever it has an opportunity. Overall, the weather and atmosphere on the day was fantastic, enjoyed by all of the race fans.
Thanks to Richard from Sandown for the invitation and to all of the Shelby Owners for their support....

Nez Demaj
Australian Shelby Registrar
Victorian Shelby Representative
Victorian Mustang Member.    

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