Article and Photos by Rick Marks

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Simple Image Gallery Extended

1.     Chad Parrish (Brabham BT23C-1)
5.      Laurie Sellers ('66 Shelby GT-350H)
18.    Gary McMahon (Nissan Skyline HR31)
36.    Chad Parrish ('66 Shelby GT-350)
37.    Kevin Clark drivinh Warren Jenkin's ('66 Shelby GT-350)
38.    Chris Holland ('66 Shelby GT-350)
98.    Rick Marks ('65 Shelby GT-350)
172.   Kevin Luke (Boss 302)




Sydney Retro Speedfest – May 3 & 4, 2014 – Sydney Motorsport Park


This event was a collaboration between Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) which owns SMP at Eastern Creek and the Historic Sports Racing Car Association (HSRCA). It proved to be very successful with a large entry over many historic groups. In addition, there was a display and demonstration of some significant historic Formula 1 racing cars which included the newly acquired 1967 Brabham BT23C-1 FVA of Shelby Boy, Chad Parrish. This is a very special car driven by Jack Brabham himself in Formula 2 and also driven in some Formula 1 events as well as the Tasman series.


The Shelby Boys fronted seven cars:


Rick Marks      1965 Shelby GT350     (Regularity)


Kevin Clark      1966 Shelby GT350H   (Regularity)


Chris Holland  1966 Shelby GT350     (Regularity)


Chad Parrish   1966 Shelby GT350     (Group S)


Laurie Sellers  1966 Shelby GT350H   (Group S)


Tony Antoun    1968 Mustang Coupe  (Group N)


Kevin Luke       1970 Mustang Boss 302 (Regularity)


Tony and Kevin are both Shelby owners. Additionally, another Shelby Boy, Carey McMahon participated in the Group C & A events in his ex Skaife Nissan Skyline HR31 and did exceptionally well winning two events on Sunday.


In Regularity, Kevin, Chris and myself headed up teams of four cars each. Kevin’s team won the overall teams prize and Chris’ team was runner up. Kevin was guest driving Warren Jenkins’ very potent down draught webered Shelby as Warren was in the UK. Both Kevin and the Shelby performed very well – this thing is a jet. Chris’ side draught webered Shelby was also extremely quick (although embarrassingly it ran out of fuel in one event) with my poor old Holley 4 bbl variety (with 3.9 axle ratio) left for dead on the long Eastern Creek main straight. Kevin Luke had a bit of a fright in the Boss 302 when the front brake rotor disintegrated at full noise at Turn 1. A change of rotor and underwear was required!


In Group S, Chad qualified quickest of all the SB cars behind a gaggle of Porsche 911’s. A lost hood pin on the warm up lap in Race 1 saw him start from pit lane, however, a fantastic drive saw him claw back to 13th overall. The following scratch races enabled Chad to get back to 5th and 4th respectively, winning the overall SB trophy. Laurie Sellers was debuting his fabulous looking black and gold Hertz. A tad different to drive than his usual MGB or Marcos, suffice to say car and driver are getting to know each other and a trophy for overall second place in SB was a just reward for the time, effort and $$$ expended and a promise of things to come for this combo.


In Group N, Tony was coming to grips with his ’68 Coupe (a Group SB ’66 GT350 may be on the horizon) and drove particularly well with personal best times over the weekend.


My ’65 GT350 carried a Speed Channel camera inside the cabin and I was interviewed about the Shelby and its extensive US race history. The finished programme covering the event will be shown at some point on Speed Channel and a DVD will become available.


To top off a great weekend for the Shelby Boys Garage 98 Racing Team, we won the best presented teams trophy for both the cars and our team apparel. Congratulations to all!!


Rick Marks