It was that time of the year for the annual Mustang Nationals but for the very first time the Shelby Nationals was incorporated together with this major event. Over the Easter weekend, Mustangs gathered from all over Australia to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Mustang and the Nationals at Geelong in Victoria. Over the three nights through Easter at the Mecure Motel hosted the Mustang & Shelby Nationals members and the nightly dinners pre-organised for all of the Mustang Members which was an opportunity for all Mustang attendees to renew friendships from last year's Mustang Nationals at Perth and to meet new members. Easter sunday was the main day for this event which was overshadowed by overcast conditions but fortunately the sun soon made it's presence which was a great sight. As i entererd the venue at 7am, there were already a few Mustangs on display and soon after the main gates were open.  Different types of Mustangs attended this event from early to late which was great to see. By 9.30am, there were over 350 plus Mustangs and officially 29 Shelbys on display which is a new Australian Record for the highest number of Shelbys displayed in one place in Australia which is a fantastic effort by the Shelby Owners. This Shelby Record was supported by the State Shelby Representatives especially John Luca from W.A. and Fred Pascale from S.A. who were on hand to assist with the Shelby Parking which was greatly appreciated. The Mustang & Shelby Nationals was a major team effort which was very successful. Congratulations to the Mustang & Shelby Nationals organising committee headed by John Chapman and the Victorian Mustang Club Committee, M.O.C.A. a job well done.
Thanks to all of the Shelby Owners, State Shelby Reps. S.A.A.C. Victorian Mustang Club, M.O.C.A. for their support.

Nez Demaj
Australian Shelby Registrar.
Victorain Shelby Representative.
Victorian Mustang Member.

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