It was a beautiful and warm day, greeting me at the Phillip Island Classic. One of the organisers at the Phillip Island Classic asked me to organise another Shelby Display in the main pavillion which resulted in 7 Shelbys attending which was a great effort. Also, as i walked towards the main pits, i noticed about 8 original Shelby Race Cars in the marquee area and most of them travelled all of the way from N.S.W. which was a great effort. These '65 and '66 Shelbys have been racing in these categories for quite a few years around the country and all of them have racing history from the States. Most of these Shelbys are registered in the Australian Shelby Registry Website. It doesn't get any better than watching original Shelbys racing around the track, the sight of Shelbys and Mustangs on display and the smell of high octane fuel and burning rubber, what a great day! Thanks for the support to the Richard Williams for the invitation, the Shelby Owners for the display, Shelby Racers from N.S.W. looking foward to next year's event....

Nez Demaj
Australian Shelby Registrar
Victorian Shelby Representative.

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